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Stranger Things 1/6 Mike Wheeler

Stranger Things 1/6 Mike Wheeler

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Mike is optimistic and intelligent. He makes his own decisions but still listens to the people he loves. His friends look to him as a brave and trusting leader because they know he’ll never let them down.

The Stranger Things – 1/6 Mike Wheeler collectible figure stands approximately 9.6 inches (~24.5 cm) tall and features a fully-articulated original body with approximately 28 points of articulation and fabric clothing. The highly-detailed figure includes one head sculpt with an authentic likeness to the character’s appearance in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Accessories include a backpack, wristwatch, walkie-talkie, flashlight, and four pairs of interchangeable hands.

STRANGER THINGS ™/© Netflix. Used with permission.


· Approximately 9.6” (24.5cm) tall
· Fully-articulated original body
· Approximately 28 points of articulation
· Realistic likeness to talent

· One jacket
· One long sleeve polo shirt
· One pair of trousers
· One belt
· One pair of sneakers

· One backpack
· One wristwatch
· One walkie-talkie
· One flashlight
· Four pairs of interchangeable hands
· One pair relaxed
· One pair of fists
· Two pairs for holding accessories

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