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Animal Bakery Minifigure Blind Box

Animal Bakery Minifigure Blind Box

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New minifigures from The Animals Bakery!

Introducing the newest collection of freshly baked treats from The Animal Bakery.

Fluffy and delicious-looking bread transforms into cute animals. These golden-brown fluffy animals look so good, you may want to eat them!

Decorate your space with the sweet and special feel of freshly baked kawaii animals!

Blind box packaging. Which figure will you get?

6 kinds: Elephant, Panda, Sheep, Rabbit, Dog, Cat + chance of secret!

◆ Weight: Approx. 34~44g
◆ Product Size: Approx. W31~62×H43~56×D44~64/mm
◆ Package Size: Approx. W60×H90×D50/mm

*Product size and weight vary depending on the type of figure.

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