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POPCAR Bumper Car Series (BLIND BOX)

POPCAR Bumper Car Series (BLIND BOX)

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Material: PVC/ABS

Height: 2.4-3.2 inch

Quantity: A single-blind box 

Support receiving countries: United States & Canada.

Due to the different measurement methods, the actual measurement may vary between a normal range of 0.4 to 1.2 inches. Actual product, size, and color may differ due to lighting. display screen, photography style, and other factors. The display picture and size is for reference only.

  • 1. Blind Box refers to the type of packaging that keeps the collectible toy as a mystery until it is opened. Blind boxes typically come in series that shows a collection; some figurines are rarer to find than others, these are referred to as "secret", "hidden" or "chase" figures..
  • 2. If there is a secret figure in the box, one basic figure might be replaced randomly.

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