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Weili Orchids elegant

Weili Orchids elegant

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Bamboo Jungle
Blocks for the youngest and more!
ORCHID (Orchid)
Model: 2138 Orchids Elegant

Age: 6+

Number of elements: 616

Dimensions: 24.5 x 17.5 x 12.5 cm

Stacking blocks has never aroused so much emotion as now.

The GARDEN series is a completely different approach to building models. If you previously thought that stacking blocks was boring, we guarantee that this series will change your approach to the subject.



Model: 2139 Orchids Elegant

Number of elements: 606

Material: ABS plastic

Included: pictorial instructions

Packaging: decorative, perfect for a gift

This unique set of orchid blocks consists of 606 elements that will allow you to build a beautiful plant - an orchid. The blocks are carefully packed in a decorative box, which not only protects them against damage but also makes this set an ideal gift for any flower arranging lover.

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